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Mario and Cal react to Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3

Hey there, it's Mario and Cal! Ready for some Marvel magic? Let's dive into the latest film from Marvel Studios and see what surprises they have in store for us.

Marvel Studios Unveils Another Blockbuster

Another film from Marvel Studios? Alright, buckle up, we're in for a ride!

Playful Commentary: Observations and Humor

As we kick off the trailer, our main character looks like a McDonald's employee—quite the unexpected career change. And look at that city arrival, big guns and Guardians in tow. Fries with that, anyone?

Fashionable Heroes and Unusual Ears

Nice suits, and oh my gosh, those ears! Did someone visit the zoo this morning?

Dodgeball: The Universal Game

Dodgeball makes an appearance—apparently, it's the universal game. And who's that big guy? He looks ready for a game of his own.

James Gunn Doing His Thing

It seems James Gunn is back, doing his thing. And check out the friendly panda guy—definitely a favorite.

Humorous Observations: Teletubbies and Heartburn

Is that a raccoon or a Teletubby? Our playful commentator seems to favor the panda guy over the raccoon, and there's even a humorous observation about heartburn.

Marvel's Unmatched Visual Effects

A shoutout to the incredible visual effects in Marvel movies. Every film feels like a leap of improvement, and the sarcasm is duly noted.

Neon Science Stuff and Bar Scenes

A playful reference to "neon science stuff" and a scene in a bar—classic Marvel ambiance. And wait, is that Warlock not looking his best?

From Laughter to Action: A Rollercoaster Trailer

The trailer seems to have it all—laughter, sarcasm, visual effects, and even a touch of violence. Our commentator ends with a casual invitation: "Sure, let's go and watch it."

So, are you ready for Marvel's latest cinematic adventure? Join in the fun as we explore the playful side of the trailer and anticipate the excitement that awaits on the big screen.